We are a company specialized in international shipping, based in Miami, Florida. Our goal is to deal with the complex logistics and merchandise forwarding requirements of major companies and smaller companies. Operating with excellence and flexible, safe processes and with specialized services that guarantee excellence, safety and quality in all our services.





the maritime cargo department offers the logistic service of import and export shipments, so that your cargo travels with maximum speed, safety and economy.



its cargo travels on air cargo lines on flights with daily itineraries, this represents the most efficient way to transport urgent shipments, high value material, light weight and perishable cargo.

In order to save your import costs we have the service of cargo collection by land in different options.

service not only addressed to the general public, but to all entities that want this service, characterized by its speed and especially in the personalization of services.

Cleared and Delivered is an essential service for importing freight into the United States. 


This service offers, consolidation, notifications at the moment of receipt of merchandise, continuous tracking, delivery of cargo in your office or place of convenience, specialized services.




Opower Tech. Inc.

Power Tech, is an associated company in which you can make purchases from anywhere in the world, in logistics we receive the product to send it anywhere in the world.


-Merchandise conditions.

-Volumetric Weight.


-service modality

-destination / origin

-service transit time





About us.

we provide logistics solutions.On the following pages you'll find plenty of information about our different services. We provide every type of inland, air and sea cargo service - surely we can do something for you, too.

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