About Us

  • EZ Logistics & Shipping is a global company dedicated to providing air, sea and inland cargo service, capable of handling all logistical needs in the field. We work with full container and loose cargo to and from the United States ending in Central and South America, Caribbean, Europe and Asia.
  • The professional team in charge of logistics in EZ Logistics & Shipping, is trained to offer the best transportation alternatives. With an extensive network of representatives in the world, which gives us the flexibility and knowledge necessary to serve them both for export and for import of its products.
  • EZ Logistics & Shipping know and understand how important it is for you business or assets and therefore we strive to provide quality timely service and safe, offering a personalized at all stages.
  • EZ Logistics & Shipping, Inc. is the best option.


Call: 786-360-0610 or use our online form to make reservations.